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  1. IPB 3.0.x Security Update Problem.

    No what I was asking was, Do I need 3.0.5 in order for 305xss_march10.zip to work? Or can I just upload it on my server when I have 3.0.3 ? I know I need an active license to download / upgrade to 3.0.5 It kind of seems like IPB is trying to force me to buy it :(
  2. I read it and it says I need 3.0.5 version. Well I have bought the license and it expired before 3.0.5 released. Does this mean I have to buy a new 6month license to get 3.0.5 then update, or is there any other ways around it? Currently, I just got the files uploaded in my directory.
  3. Sorry for double posting. Help. I need to export certain things on mysql. I still have some database left on MYSQL. I want to back up all the posts users have made etc. - I got ibf forums What mysql table would I have to back up? Also i want to back up certain members about (60) who registered 3 days ago to now. (I have 27th date back up for all so before that is fine) How do I back up certain members? is it possible? if so, then how, and where and what?
  4. They didnt get far to hack my FTP. My site has PERM ban when tried 10 times on FTP.
  5. I am 15 and I dont earn any money. Either way my parents wont spend any money for my site now. If they hacked my hotmail, some told me it is possible that it was hotmail first, shoudnt Hotmail be blamed for not being secure enough, or is it my fault? Is there any way to get things back, or do I have to reinstall my IPB? I have 10 days old database of ALL of my site content not just IPB.
  6. I cannot access my MSN. I got it back now. Paypal reports that password changing attempt occured. Admin page, when I enter my account, it gives error. FTP is safe. No virus. I have avira and Nod32. Pretty sure they are good scanners.
  7. I have full back up of my site 3.5 GB somewhere on my FTP. I do have back up that is like 10 days old. IPB is salted I believe, I had no keylogg and I did once. JUST once. I changed all my password. I doubt it is from MSN. MSN is big, and I dont think they can do that. Maybe I will try to call MSN. I called Paypal. They gave me what time it was trying to hack Paypal. it was somewhere 6~7AM PDT. I got the IP too, but I believe that will be useless.
  8. my subscription ran out. I am poor little kid. I dont know what to do. People are making fun of me. Because of getting hacked on IPB I got hacked on almost all the accounts, because it matches my password including paypal msn etc.
  9. I had all the security updates, and ensured and asked here that my forum is safe. My site is: www.forums.u-no.info Luckly, I think they did not steal my FTP account. They just hacked my database and my forum. My forum contains over 3000 threads and 1000 members. My site Google PR is 3 and we were doing well currently(not now) receiving more than 30~60 members a day suddenly . I do not know how they did this, but they also hacked my Hotmail account. I had ensured all my database is safe including the 5 tries then lock down, SSL, and also DDOS protection. I had all my hooks and applications up to date. Is this my fault or insecurity of IPB? I have IPB 3.0.0 and asked people before about security and they said it was safe. I am pretty scared right now, that they have threatened me over two weeks on MSN saying they are hackers and they are going to hack me. The only reason they were going to hack me, was because my site was doing better performance than them. Their site: www.cheatersparadize.com Cant they get sued, or is there any information that I can sue them? WIll there be any saved logs or where can I look and I want to know if IPB guys can help me.
  10. re: License and Conversion Sale

    No I dont think so, I have asked that before when they had another sale in 2008 or something. I purchased it less than one week ago, and they did license sale. I asked, and they said they wont give me any money back.

    i got these two messages. I was wondering if any other people got the same messages. (By the way, I am only 14 -.-)