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  1. No what I was asking was, Do I need 3.0.5 in order for 305xss_march10.zip to work? Or can I just upload it on my server when I have 3.0.3 ? I know I need an active license to download / upgrade to 3.0.5 It kind of seems like IPB is trying to force me to buy it :(
  2. I read it and it says I need 3.0.5 version. Well I have bought the license and it expired before 3.0.5 released. Does this mean I have to buy a new 6month license to get 3.0.5 then update, or is there any other ways around it? Currently, I just got the files uploaded in my directory.
  3. i got these two messages. I was wondering if any other people got the same messages. (By the way, I am only 14 -.-)
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