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  1. I was going to wait to fix all three spots where the name isn't customized, but I went ahead and released version 1.0.2 which fixes 2 of the 3 spots and fixes the DB error.

    New Version: 1.0.2

    What's New in Version 1.0.2 (See full changelog)

    • Fixed 2 of 3 broken spots in 3.3: active users for forums/topics
    • Edited default db values to work with 3.3
  2. Yeah, that is one of the three places it doesn't work in 3.3. Once Terabyte fixes Group Format for that spot, I'll update this too. (the other two places, forum/topic footers, are already fixed on my current build).

  3. What do you mean by "collapse the blocks"? Do you mean they can hide the entire sidebar? Or do you mean individually hide each block?

    Also, is this on a custom or the default skin? If the former, try on the latter.

  4. Hmm, uninstall/reinstall works eh? And you mean you just needed to uninstall/reinstall Points Per Cash, right? Not ibEconomy itself?

    You need to enabled IPN with your PayPal account and you need to enable Guest access to ibEconomy.

  5. I have no way of knowing if it is normal, since that isn't my board and I don't know what your IP.Content block is suppose to do.

    I do see an error in that code, I'm guessing videos needs to be in double quotes: "videos".

  6. I'll have to have a look to see what could be the problem, I'll look into it this weekend.

    It actually fixed itself for bwyatt a day or two after he posted (just like it did for the other users) so I'm sure it will be fixed for you within a day or two. Again, try recaching apps, ibEconomy, etc. Also, visit around ibEconomy, like on the Cash tab where it should be, and try refreshing and hard-refreshing (CTRL-F5). If none of that works, let me know if you do find something that got it to show.

  7. Yeah, I still haven't released the updated compatability version for 3.3, as I'm waiting on one last fix. The array ones are in fact already fixed, but not released. I believe I attached that build in the thread for this app on emoneycodes.com if you want to get that in the meantime.

  8. No i dont have any currently. I did some binging around and didn't find anything good and free. There are some paid options, but none looked that great. MJ makes a good one as a standalone hook. Have you looked into that one?

    If you find a good option that can be used in CSB, be sure to post so we know. :)

  9. I don't mean two sidebars, I mean 2 (or 3 or 77, etc) BLOCKS in the 1 sidebar. With Custom Sidebar Blocks you can have an unlimited number of blocks, and they all go in the 1 index sidebar. And each block has a permissions tab.

  10. I wish merk_aus or noles replied to say how they got it working. since they didn't, I'm guessing it was something like a caching issue, like it will fix itself. You can try recaching things and see if that speeds it up.

    Feel free to pm those guys to see if they did something to fix it. And cc me or post if you find the answer. :)

  11. It appears as though you are using the new'ish files but you haven't actually updated the application. So, go ahead and reupload all the files to make sure they are all on your server, then go to ACP->Manage Apps and click upgrade. If there is no upgrade, then uninstall it and reinstall.

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