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  1. Any way to fix the topic/post view for the icons?
  2. If you are looking to simply add the text next to the Email label field follow these instructions: GO TO Admin CP > Customization tab > Languages SETUP Once there click this button (located top right corner): & click it. This will pop-up: The "Quick Translating" will be off by default. Click it on and save. Well logged in as an Admin on the Front side go to: yoursite.com/index.php?/register/ (I tested this and it works; hence why mine is clicked on & changed in the 1st post in the image above) EXECUTION When you mouse over TEXT it will highlight as yellowish: Now PRESS & HOLD the LEFT mouse button until it changes to a text edit field. it changes to an EDITABLE type box : Type what you need (though I find, copy and paste better) and hit "Return/enter". Then go back to Admin CP > Customization tab > Languages and turn "Quick Translating" off. NOTE: Quick Translating can be used to edit most words that appear on the front end (e.g.): I used it to change "FORUM" label on the index page & the breadcrumbs home link text.
  3. You mean like this: Or in its own field (e.g. file location and edit file)?
  4. Why no option for Followers? E.G.:
  5. Doesn't seem to work. It still displays the default letter avatar/photo.
  6. Is it possible to disable the texture backgrounds without disabling the background images? I have the Transparent Texture Background commented out so the selection doesn't appear to any one, but the textures keep showing up by default?
  7. Yes it did help...was just having issues getting the forums to be transparent, but they are now. Thanks. Will this skin work with this Mod: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Or will it mess up the Catagory or Grid Forum forum icons?
  8. Hmmm, those didn't seem to work.
  9. I thank you, but I also needed: ​1) The sections below the MAIN TITLE (category) 2) Side boxes (recent Posts, upcoming calendar, etc) EDIT: Alright got the side boxes figured out, but FORUMS isn't go transparent. By forums I mean the background for: forum icon, forum name/description, and last post/views. Only the DEFUALT layout isn't transparent, but it is in Grid, Category, and Topic layout. EDIT 2: How can I change the background color for when a person picks a one of the custom background images (it goes like torqois color as it loads the new bg image)? Here: http://thelastofusforums.com/
  10. That did not work. Every GREEN dot in the image is what I want to be slightly transparent.
  11. I must be an idiot because I have the Light Skin activated (default), but I want it to be the Dark skin. I can't find anything in the instructions for changing it from dark to light? EDIT: Never mind...I was an idiot. Separate download. EDIT 2: How can I set the forum so it is slightly transparent so the image can be slightly seen?
  12. Zanime

    (M34) Random Logos

    How can I change it so it will display the images in order instead of random?
  13. Zanime

    (M34) Random Logos

    My logos are 480x150, but this auto shrinks them. Where can I change this so it doesn't (IBP 3.4)? EDIT I found: /*-------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ // Process Image /*-------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ public function process_image($r="",$half) { # Make Example Smaller if($half == '1') { $r['width'] = "480"; $r['height'] = "150"; } However, changing the va;lues doesn't change the size of the logos. EDIT 2: Never mind. I simply changed '1' to '0' and that fixed it.
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