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  1. Are any of these issues gonna be resolved soon?
    Support is atrocious, been 2 months and my issue still hasnt been resolved.
  2. Another bug I found is members arent getting notifications when you invite them to a team Team leaders arent getting notifications when invited to tournaments Cant Delete teams either Also if you are a leader of multiple teams you cant select which team you want to join the tournament
  3. Quick bug when creating a ladder tournament, Number of teams is displayed wrong. Also i was wondering if sometime in the future if it would support 3v3 4v4 5v5 and single teams?
  4. Any update to my issue?
  5. Just checking on the status? Bought over a month ago and still cant use.
  6. Yup I can thanks! No worries I just didnt know if it accidentally got overlooked
  7. That's okay I can wait until its approved on the marketplace
  8. Awesome thanks! Trying not to bother ya that much but I'm anxious to install and test this 🙂
  9. Just wondering if you had an ETA for when this will be updated for 4.6?
  10. anyway to change the background color of pinned topics? its currently #444e56 and i would like to change that.
  11. Just a quick suggestion for anyone who uses cloudflare or another CDN, dont use this .htaccess it will cause conflict and your site performance will drop dramatically! i tested it against the standard htaccess and perfermonce went from 93 down to 65.
  12. Is there anyway to change the text from h2 to h1 on the main block single image?
  13. When trying to use this on IP pages database when i try to use prefix tag mode the field disappears. Tags are enabled on the database.
  14. Just curious if you had a time frame for this to be updated for 4.6?
  15. Alright sounds good,it should probably be looked at some point. Sites that depend on points to sell stuff kinda breaks it(even though the user group cant see or use the shop,they still shouldnt be able to receive them)
  16. Alright thanks,its something my site will revolve around!
  17. Can you update the compatibility so i can install it? Just bought it.
  18. @Adriano Faria Another quick question. Is there a way to not allow donations to usergroups that cant receive points? Right now i have a usergroup that cant earn or see the membershop but people can still donate points to them. Also is there a way to let members upload their own custom items to categories their allowed to?
  19. okay thanks! Would be a great feature to be able to have!
  20. anyway to have it show on forum view as well? it shows in profile but i would like other members to be able to see their points under their ranks on the forum.
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