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New Embed Options

We have updated a few of our embed options in version 4.1.9. Our goal was to make the embeds more user friendly and give admins more control over embed in general.

When you paste in a link from common services like YouTube, Twitter, and so on the system tries to embed a nice box instead of just a link. For example, if I pasted in this link:


It would create this box:

Create New Article - Invision Power Services 2016-03-11 m0xbg.pngNew in version 4.1.9 you can now optionally choose to revert the automatic embed back to a simple text link.

So in the above example, when I pasted in my Twitter link, I saw a bar come up giving me the option to revert back to a link. This is useful when you do not want a formatted embed box but instead simply want to reference something and get the visitor to click the link. It is also useful when you want to reference something as part of a single sentence and not have a break in the flow that an embedded content box creates.

There is also a new AdminCP setting to completely disable embeds across your entire Suite. Some clients have communities where they like to keep things down to just simple, plain text. You could always disable formatting option button in the editor and now you can also disable automated embeds.

As a reminder, the following formats are supported with our embed system. Simply paste a link to any of these services and you will get a nice, rich embed experience that really encourages engagement on your community.

  • College Humor
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Gfycat
  • Google+
  • Hulu
  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify
  • Ted
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • Vine
  • YouTube

You can also embed links to anything inside of the IPS Community Suite. So you could paste a link to another forum topic in the comment on a Gallery image and it will show a preview of that topic rather than a simple link.

We are always open to suggestions so feel free to post in our feedback forum. Thank you!


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  • Management
9 hours ago, Bluto said:

Will existing links from 3.4.9 convert over when upgrading to 4.1.x?

We do not convert old links to the new embeds on upgrade because that would change the format of a post and we have no way of knowing if that's what the poster "meant" when they originally posted it.

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2 minutes ago, Charles said:

We do not convert old links to the new embeds on upgrade because that would change the format of a post and we have no way of knowing if that's what the poster "meant" when they originally posted it.

I mainly have twitter / youtube embeds.  So, those are going to just show up as links when I convert?

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Is it at all possible to introduce a function to position embeds? For example, you can position YouTube videos to be centred or right-sided when you copy and paste the code in, but not when you embed automatically.

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