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4.3: Take payments with Apple Pay and more with Stripe and Commerce

Stripe is the most popular payment method in Commerce, allowing communities to take payments by card securely with easy setup.

While there's no doubt that credit cards are still the most popular methods of making a payment, digital innovations such as Apple Pay are increasing in popularity.

For 4.3 we've deepened our integration to support some of their latest features.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Apple Pay allows users to pay quickly with their iPhone, iPad or Mac (with Safari and either a paired iPhone or using the MacBook Pro with Touch ID) using the card details stored on the device, authenticated with Touch ID or Face ID.

Apple Pay

Google Chrome (on desktop or Android devices) supports a similar feature allowing users to pay with card details stored in their Google account with Google Pay, or stored in Chrome itself.

Paying with card details stored in Google Chrome


Both of these features are now supported through Stripe in Invision Community 4.3. Setup is simple - for Apple Pay you simply need to verify that you own your domain by uploading a file you obtain from the Stripe dashboard, and nothing special is needed for Google Pay - and then create the payment method in the AdminCP. Stripe does not charge any additional fees for either option.

Commerce will automatically hide the option if the user's device does not support either method.

3D Secure

Also known as Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode, and other brand names, 3D Secure is a system that is used to verify a customer's identity before purchase is completed and transfers the fraud loss liability from the merchant to the cardholder bank in case of fraudulent disputes.

After the user has entered their card details, they are redirected to their bank's website and asked to provide additional verification.

Our integration with Stripe in 4.3 now supports this process. A new setting allows you to choose if you want to use 3D Secure just for cards which require it (i.e. cards which would decline the payment if 3D Secure is not completed) or for all cards which optionally support it as well.


Amex Express Checkout

American Express cardholders can use Amex Express checkout to pay by using their American Express login rather than providing their card information.  This is also now supported through Stripe in 4.3.

Amex Express Checkout


Alipay, Bancontact, Giropay, iDEAL, SOFORT

These are popular payment processors internationally (Alipay is popular in China, Bancontact in Belgium, Giropay in Germany, iDEAL in the Netherlands, and SOFORT in several European countries).

The checkout experience is similar to PayPal with the user being redirected to the appropriate site, authenticating the payment, and then being redirected back.

All of these are also now supported through Stripe in 4.3.


Dispute/Chargeback Handling

A dispute (also known as a chargeback) occurs when one a cardholder questions your payment with their card issuer, which causes the funds, plus a fee, to immediately be taken from your account until evidence is provided that the transaction was legitimate.

Anyone operating an online store knows how frustrating this experience can be. In 4.3, we've made dealing with this situation a little easier. When a dispute is created, Commerce will now mark the transaction as disputed, which will immediately revoke any benefits from the purchase (for example, if it's for a subscription that moves them into a different group, they will be placed back into their original group; if it's a Downloads file, they won't be able to download it any more; if it's for a physical item that hasn't been shipped yet, the shipping order will be placed on hold).


Disputed Transaction

All transactions with currently open disputes can be accessed quickly from the transaction list. The transaction page will show you the status and reason for the dispute, and links to your Stripe dashboard where you can respond.

When the dispute is resolved, the transaction screen will be updated, with either the transaction being marked as refunded if the dispute is lost, or going back to paid if the dispute is won and the funds returned to you.

Lost Dispute.png

A dispute that was lost

Won Dispute.png

A dispute that was won




Radar is Stripe's suite of fraud detection tools using machine learning and customisable rules to help detect fraudulent transactions.

Stripe will automatically blocks transactions is considers highest risk already. However, for "elevated" risk transactions, while Stripe would alert you of them so you could review them, Commerce would process the transaction normally.

In 4.3, Commerce will place any transactions which Radar reports as having an "elevated" risk level on hold for manual review, so you can decide whether to approve or not before the funds have been captured.

In addition, the transaction details screen for Stripe transactions now provides some additional information about Stripe's checks on the transaction, including the Radar risk level, if the CVC check passed, and if the billing address provided matches the card's billing address.

If a fraudulent transaction does make it through, you will now have the option to indicate this when refunding the transaction to help Stripe's anti-fraud systems learn.



Recommended Comments

Good stuff. 

Based on the screenshots alone, looks like there may be some usability improvements for dispute handling... If you've integrated Commerce with Downloads, after the transaction was approved, show when the software was downloaded and the IP used to download the software all in one place.  Or simply a timestamp of the first time the software was downloaded with a link to a new page or modal that shows the IP addresses used to download the software. 

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7 hours ago, SammyS said:

Nice improvements and I hope them to be useful for many users here!

Question: stripe isnt available in my country... do I need it to process BTC payments? would be really great for my site

Yes, Stripe is the only processor we integrate with which supports Bitcoin transactions. Stripe is currently available for businesses in 25 countries.

3 hours ago, Aaron M said:


Chargeback and Radar handling is amazing, been after those for a while now. Please tell me Commerce also has functionality for PayPal in regards to chargebacks and not just Stripe!

Stripe only for now, but PayPal also has APIs for chargebacks which we may add support for in the future.

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9 hours ago, Saurabh Jain said:

I wish Indian payment gateways be also included like

Pay u money ,  paythm  , BHIM

this will allow IPS to flourish in Indian market as well



Same about mercadopago. Its widely used in mexico, brazil, chile, colombia, argentina, peru and some more

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