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The fun doesn't end with 2.2

If you're like many readers, you likely think that now that the 2.2 and site launch is complete, we're going to simply sit in our cushy executive chairs, ending our hunger for world domination. Oh how wrong you are for we at IPS are never satisfied!

To the contrary, we've been working on several new things behind the scenes. Some you may not immediately notice, such as the addition of new employees and behind the scenes planning, developing and testing of upcoming products and services. Others you will soon notice with the introduction of services tied to our new state-of-the-art datacenter.

For many years we've leased rack-space, servers and equipment from various third-party
providers and while, on the whole, this has served us well, we've simply outgrown the server leasing model. To that end, we've secured and built-out space in a facility not far from us in Reston, VA. We now own everything, from the rack to the core routers (Cisco 6500's for those techies that are interested) to the servers themselves. This has allowed us to offer much more flexible solutions across the board, which you will soon find more details about on this very blog.

I'll refrain from boring you excessively, but suffice it to say we have a 10 meg, multi-homed redundant uplink to various transit providers including Level 3, AboveNet, BTN, GlobalCrossing and Cogent. If you've noticed, the IPS sites and forums have never been faster since we migrated our corporate servers to this new facility.

That's just a brief overview of what we've done. Wait until you see what's next. VPS anyone?



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[quote name='Tim Dorr' date='Dec 12 2006, 05:26 AM']Ick, drop Cogent and L3 like a rock. They'll just make you slower :S If you can get a Savvis drop, go for it. They're great.

Actually, Cogent has been very fast and reliable for us. They're not the same Cogent they once were. We have mixed results with L3, but we're using BGP Best-Path and that's rarely L3.

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