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Video Tip: ACP Tips and Tricks

Work smarter, not harder is a motto we hear a lot of in our modern age.

This is of course great advice. Invision Community's Admin CP is packed full of tools and settings to help you configure your community to your needs.

In this short video I show you how you can work smarter in the Admin CP.

Dashboard Blocks
I show you how create a dashboard perfect for your needs. The dashboard is perfect to show a snapshot of what is happening with your community.

Search Bar
The search bar is the most powerful tool in the Admin CP. From finding members, settings and Commerce tickets, it's something I reach for every day.

Re-order the Menu
Prioritise the menu to put often used sections of the Admin CP within easy reach.

Copy Settings
With a few clicks, you can copy a single setting from a forum across multiple. This saves a lot of time moving between the forum list and forum settings. This of course works across the suite including downloads, blogs and more.

Copy Nodes
Got a forum or blog category set up perfectly and want to add one more like it? Just hit the copy button and save the hassle of filling in the form again.

These are our tips for using the Admin CP as effectively as possible. Do you have any tips? Let us know below!

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