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Hump Day: marching into April

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Hey team, happy Hump Day! Can you believe we're in the final days of March? Where is the time going 😳

I am going to use this opportunity to shamelessly promote a blog post I penned about why forums stand the test of time. If anyone can attest to this, it's you all. 🥲 

Please feel free to go ahead and give the blog post a read and comment; it'd be greatly appreciated (currently there's 0 replies 😿).

And speaking of blog posts, stay tuned for a really special one out soon! It's an interview with the founders of Invision Community. 😊

I also want to highlight @Matt's topic about features. Super fun to read everyones' responses. If you haven't already weighed in, please feel free to do so.

As always, here's a roundup of updates/fixes made by our development team. Great job, gents! 👏 


- Fixed a performance issue with the stream subscriptions task.
- Fix spam service filling up system logs if a license has expired.
- Removed some no longer required acp restrictions.
- Fixed some duplicate rel tags in share links.
- Fixed an issue with image rotation when uploading.
- Fixed an issue converting smilies from vBulletin where a CDN was previously used.- Fixed an issue where images within a quote within a reply could generate extra whitespace
- Fixed an issue where og:url is not set for category views.
- Fixed an issue where the cleanup task may fail when run via cron.
- Fixed an issue where rank images may not be moved when altering storage configurations.
- Fixed an issue with the online widget cache.
- Fixed an issue where stream RSS Feeds may generate incomplete guest member account.
- Removed orphaned 'Activity/Content Discovery' module.
- Fixed an issue where admin pages would still show for disabled applications.
- Fixed an issue where hidden status updates were incorrectly styled in the moderator control panel.
- Added member warnings to the moderator log.

Feeling chatty? Drop us a comment. 🙏 

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