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Hello Invision,

am looking for a developer to help bridge the gap between my website, Xbox Live and Discord server with the website as the top prioritized platform. In addition to this I am looking for more gamification of our website and a design that follows. I'm not technical at all so I am going to try to explain whats needed and the vision for it the best I can, sorry in advance. A little information about me and the community, I am Shawn have been on Invision for about 2 years now, Our site and community is about 16 years old, all focused around Microsoft's Xbox first person shooter title Halo and its fictional universe.


 I am currently looking to bring an older design back to my current site from a previous hosting service/platform. 



https://init.0x00sec.org/ (landing page) terminal

Web App


  • Single sign on solution for Discord - members sign up, can sign in and connect Discords to website accounts.
  • Forms submitted on website output to Discord text channel
  • Calendar Events submitted on website output to Discord Event/Discord channel (or the otherway around where API is available) 
  • Calendar Events Reminder will alert/@roles too
  • Discord Roles given to users connected to the groups on the website


  • Single sign on solution for Xbox Live (Microsoft Account) members can sign in and connect Xbox account to website accounts.
  • Website display Xbox data points* profile information, gamer score, games played and some of the functions here 
    https://github.com/XboxReplay/xboxlive-auth \ https://github.com/XboxReplay/xboxlive-api
  • Website display Halo game data points* hours played, K/D, etc. via Halo game API and above Xbox API

I have seen working examples and can provide some; our current budget is $5k and timeline within 7 months with an additional $1k~$4k for following support. 

Please let me know if you are available and interested. We do also have design opportunities for smaller icons for ranks and other miscellanous. 

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You could ask these two developers who current have in the marketplace items for discord and microsoft


The latter isn't compatible with 4.6 though and you need to pick a decent developer who is active and updates to the latest releases or else you will be stuck when you come to upgrade IPS if the mod is not compatible and the author has vanished 

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