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Looking for someone to make a plugin

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I'm looking for someone that could help me change one little thing about Invoice system I need to make it possible for fractional quantities. I'm a Diesel Mechanic and have my Mopar1973Man.Com. I want to be able to do all my shop billing through the web site. This way customers could pay with credit cards or debit cards. Schedule appointment on the calendar, and other thing. But my biggest thing I need to be able to list out labor in fractional amounts. Say like pulling a transmission is 4.5 hours. Or I sold 2.7 quarts of gear lube to top off. As you can see below I put in 4.5 quarts of oil and it only list 4... I need fractional amounts. 

Is there any way to change this up so I could bind my website and shop business together???


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Still asking for anyone that is willing to make a mod / plugin that will allow fractional quantity amounts for my business. My clients are enjoying this option and working rather good but I can do fractional amounts of labor. I could create a labor item and set the price for $85 USD per hour and and then bill out for 2.4 hours. Etc. The problem is since fractional quantities are not allowed I got to do the math for labor manually and leave quantity at 1. This is not good way to display bills. 

Example I had the local Ambulance here for a A/C recharge and can bill out the EMT manager by email without driving all the way back into town. Create a quick user account and create the bill and it emailed. The client get the bill and can pay it through Paypal or credit/debit cards. 

Like my next job for the local fire dept I need to install a dimmer switch for the headlights. Again I need fractional quantity so I can bill out my labor and fractional amount of supplies. This works out awesome its paperless billing at its finest only if there was fractional amounts.


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