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Commerce product discounts

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I was trying to setup some product discounts that should be linked with other product purchase(s) but could not get it as how to achieve that.

  • Product X: $50
  • Product Y: $100
  • Product Z: $250

I want to setup the product Z in such a way, that if someone buys product X then they will get a discount of $25 on product Z (i.e. product Z becomes $225); and if they also buys product Y then they will get a further discount of $25 on product Z (i.e. product Z becomes $200). To summarize, product Z becomes $200 (i.e. a discount of $25 + $25) if they purchase both the products X and Y.

I've tried several ways in the product settings, tweaking around the Previous Purchase Discounts and Sale Discounts option but unable to figure that out. I would appreciate the IPS community and staff for their guidance. If there exist some Marketplace application or plugin to make this process easier, the please assist.


P.S: If such option do not exist in IPS Commerce, I would request the IPS staff to make this possible in their next release.

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