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Hi there! I'm looking for some advice on how to most smoothly update my custom profile fields. Right now, we have a bunch of 'badges' members have on their side panels next to posts to show other members information (we are a Harry Potter RPG). We have a LOT of badges, and have a couple different fields (ie, Hogwarts House) to keep things organized. Our field type is 'select box' (the drop down box) and we would like it to show a different image for each selection (ie, we choose Hufflepuff, they should have a Hufflepuff badge in that area). 

We uploaded the images to our skin as a resource as a place to store them (because it saves the file name instead of randomizing it) and are using the following sample code: 

<center><img src="websiteurl/imagesources/{$content}.png" alt='{$content}'/></center>

When we upgraded, our image source url changed so that each one has a different set of numbers, ie: 



Which no longer works, unless I want to re-upload all my images to start again. Is there a way to use file paths to simplify? I've been trying, but can't seem to get it to work. 


<center><img src="system/admin/AffiliationTags/{$content}.png" alt='{$content}'/></center>

Any help would be appreciated!!! 

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