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Need Modified Topic Feed Block for Home Page!


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So I hate the way IPB4 handles Posts/Topics Widgets. Back in 3.x it just looked and functioned better. I need a widget block that does the following......

  • Shows the Title of the Topic
  • Shows the Body of the Topic
  • Shows the Author of the Topic
  • Shows the TimeStamp of the Topic
  • Shows the number of Comments with a link to them
  • Shows ONLY the FIRST Post of each Thread!

Now you may be saying, well that is done by the Topic Widget, but its not, because it doesnt show the body of the post. Then you might say, ok well the Post Widget shows the Body, but the Post Widget also throws all the Replies to my homepage too, I only want the Original Post for each topic to go to the homepage of my website. Also the Topic/Post widgets seem to work best as small sidebar widgets, when you throw them into the larger section of a 2 column website, the formatting is just off.

PM me for more details I can send you how my website block used to look, and how it looks now. 90% of this is formatting of the block, the other 10% is preventing replies from displaying :laugh:




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