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Bulk mail, which is created but not sent, is not listed

Sverdlovsky Leonid

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IPB 4.3.4

Steps to reproduce:

1. Press "Create Bulk Mail"   ( /admin/?adsess=...&app=core&module=bulkmail&controller=bulkmail&do=form) , enter some details, press "Save"

At this point a record in `core_bulk_mail` table is created with `mail_start` = 0

2. Just close the tab, do not press "Proceed"

3. Go to bulk mail list, there's no that entry, but it's kind of expected to be there. What if I wanted to edit the mail later?
Actually, there's the entry in the very tail of the list with empty started date. That's understandable because all entries are selected by `ORDER_BY mail_started DESC LIMIT 0,25`, but still is not convenient to user.

My suggestion is to sort by mail_id which is sequential.

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