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ips.ui.form _unlimitedCheck into matrix table


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Hello, I see into matrix table when define a column with Form\Select with unlimited checkbox and check unlimited checkbox the javascript don't unselect the previous select element.

I have seen it caused by a limited condition into _unlimitedCheck on ips.ui.form, therefore I "suggest" to edit it as follow:

_unlimitedCheck = function (checkbox) {
	var inputs = checkbox.closest('.ipsFieldRow_content,[data-role="unlimitedCatch"]').find('input:not([type="checkbox"],[type="hidden"]),select,textarea');

_unlimitedCheck = function (checkbox) {
	var inputs = checkbox.closest('.ipsFieldRow_content,[data-role="unlimitedCatch"],[data-matrixrowid] td').find('input:not([type="checkbox"],[type="hidden"]),select,textarea');


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