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Email / Automated reply sent to SMS


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Is the following already available or if not, perhaps of interest for someone to develop?

We want to be able to send an automated message following someone filling out an online form to the users mobile devices as an SMS message.

The reason being is we are working as an affiliate for a company that wants us to promote an app available in the IOS and android app stores.

The only way we can ensure our affiliate code is tracked is by the user either going to the store via the mobile version of our website by clicking our mobile only banner advert or or via an sms message we are currently sending out to interested parties.

The problem we face is If the user looks at the store app on their desktop PC, then visits the store on their mobile device, we loose the sale.

There are several services online that allow email to sms such as:


Thanks for reading and let me know if anyone has any ideas?


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