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A Few Clubs Suggestions...


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I've converted my community to be mostly club-driven, and it's working alright. I noticed some shortcomings that I'd like to address below:

  1. Open clubs need an option for auto approval toggle option for members that wish to join. Right now, you can set it to open, see the contents, but need the approval to join. My reasoning behind this is that I want to give freedom to members to come and go as they please from certain clubs. They have more control over the content they see that way, and public clubs should be the only "see the content, don't need to join" option. Open clubs should also not show content in other areas unless the member has actually joined! The way Open is right now is just really weird...
  2. Members who submit albums to club galleries don't have the albums/photos show up on their profile in the appropriate tab. If they upload to the regular gallery their photos show up and the tab is enabled, but club images don't work the same way. This should be changed to behave like the regular gallery.
  3. If you don't have an album in the public gallery, the club gallery function does not work and claims the feature is unavailable when you access it. The site gallery and individual club galleries should be independent of one another. The only workaround I found was to create a temporary album in the site gallery to restore functionality.
  4. Clubs should have an option to have a "mini-registration form" if enabled. This would allow members to submit any necessary information, photos, etc... that verify the requirements of club membership.
  5. A widget or setting that enables/shows topics from each club (using a 3rd party plugin for now) as well as the ability for the main gallery that shows all available categories/albums from all the clubs a member belongs to. Right now I'm using a photo widget on the forum page since that honors permissions and disabled direct public gallery access since it serves no purpose.
  6. Ideally, I'd like to make it easy to get to club stuff from one page, right now I've had to do some custom HTML/CSS to get quick links to Gallery and other features within the club. Multiple clicks or touches are never fun, and maybe a way to allow people to get to where they need to go faster would be helpful either.

These are just suggestions/ideas, but I do feel some (if not all) would be helpful. Thank you for reading.

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