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Bulk create GIft Cards


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Is it possible to create Gift Cards in bulk?

I tried to insert a gift card into the database however when I tried to redeem the key it did not work, so I am guessing there is more to this.

INSERT INTO `nexus_purchases` (`ps_id`, `ps_member`, `ps_name`, `ps_active`, `ps_cancelled`, `ps_start`, `ps_expire`, `ps_renewals`, `ps_renewal_price`, `ps_renewal_unit`, `ps_app`, `ps_type`, `ps_item_id`, `ps_item_uri`, `ps_admin_uri`, `ps_custom_fields`, `ps_extra`, `ps_parent`, `ps_invoice_pending`, `ps_invoice_warning_sent`, `ps_pay_to`, `ps_commission`, `ps_original_invoice`, `ps_tax`, `ps_can_reactivate`, `ps_grouped_renewals`, `ps_renewal_currency`, `ps_show`, `ps_grace_period`, `ps_billing_agreement`) VALUES (NULL, '1', 'Gift Card', '1', '0', '1512173537', '0', '0', '0.00', '', 'nexus', 'giftvoucher', '0', NULL, NULL, '[]', '{\"method\":\"print\",\"recipient_email\":null,\"recipient_name\":\"\",\"sender\":\"AdminUser\",\"message\":\"\",\"amount\":20.00,\"color\":\"#3b3b3b\",\"currency\":\"USD\",\"code\":\"TEST145XTESTQRTEST\"}', '0', '0', '0', NULL, NULL, '1234', '0', '0', NULL, '', '1', '0', NULL)

Any help would be appreciated. 

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