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Commerce: Email and postal address of store

Nick Willson

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My organisation has a central administrative postal address and engage a separate dispatch company for commerce goods fulfilment. As a result there is a specific email address shop@ and a separate postal address for shop dispatch and goods returns.

One feature I was shocked to see seems to have  gone AWOL between 3.4.x and 4.X is the ability to specify a separate outgoing shop email address. The separation of suite/billing/support email addresses was added to IP.Nexus in May 2013 Minor Workflow Enhancements in IP.Nexus 1.5.8 and needs re-implementing in 4.x. 

In addition it should also be possible to separately define the commerce postal address when one is needed. This should then be used on the invoices and as the footer in shop related email notifications.

The currently restrictive implementation is such that:

Site name: Used in the site header and email template footer
Physical address: Used in the site header and email template footer and privacy statement
Copyright: Copyright appears on site footer
Outgoing email address: Emails sent from to members will appear as being sent from this address

My current workaround is to remove the physical address from the email template footer and suffer the indignity of a no-reply@ email as the outgoing shop email address. 

I hope commerce can be improved and go from strength to strength.

Best regards


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