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Broken images in emails

Nick Willson

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Images are included in a range of emails sent by the suite such as a commerce invoice and refund emails (product images) and also general notification emails such as calendar events, followed topics etc (profile photos). When a newer profile image (avatar) or an improved product photo are updated all previously sent emails display the 'broken image symbol' and do not display the new current image. 

From a user perspective the product has not changed or in the case of the profile photo the person has not changed, just the image has been updated! Overall this provides a really poor user experience as users may frequently check back on recent emails such as recent commerce invoice emails.

Currently when you upload a new profile photo (avatar) this is not always going to keep the same filename as the previous one and same with product images, etc...  For example an initial email image may be loaded as http://www.yoursite.com/forum/uploads/profile/photo-thumb-401.png but when changed it may become http://www.yoursite.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_09/F.png.088b7ed12903c286b9aaa7a28ca6bfb0.png


To prove the point in the second screenshot the new image is made to replaces the broken image icon by copying the parachute image to the previous image filename. If fixed filenames were maintained for profile images and product images instead of changing the filename the integrity of the image display in emails could be maintained.


I have raised this issue with support and they confirm that 'By the current design when a new image is uploaded the old is removed so any links to that static old URL would no longer work.'.
They also suggested as this is a new feature request to change how the system is current designed to suggest this change by posting it here.

Please provide feedback on this request and whether the current design should be corrected by IPS suggested?

Best regards


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