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Reset Website to Default Settings

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I was recently playing with my website, as i'm new to learning how things work..

I was wondering if I could get  a few questions answered:

1) how do I customise the default home page? There doesn't seem to be any physical page for me to customise, and i'm not sure how to move modules etc. around.

2) How can I reset the entire site back to default settings? Essentially what the site was straight after the purchase.

3) Can I add any other modules other then the starting few?

If I can't reset to default, how do I customise the default home page where no physical home page exists? When I create one, it's a entirely new page, therefor opening an entirely new tab in the navigation bar at the top of the modules. If I can't, how do I also remove http://prntscr.com/guqdyq 'Forums' or update that?

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