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Folders in personal messaging system are buggy


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There are a lot of bugs in the personal messaging system. The quality of the user experience has degraded from version 3.x for reasons I can't fathom.

There are quite a few other topics in Feedback about this. Are there any plans to improve it?

For example:

1. Switching the view to a folder within the Inbox (using the drop-down menu next to the Inbox label) simply does not work. It is buggy.

When you choose a folder from the drop-down list, the label changes to the name of the folder, but the list of messages displayed is the Inbox. There's no other way to get to a folder that I could find.

This considerably reduces the utility of personal message folders.

2. After you move a message from the Inbox to a folder, the view switches to the folder. Why would a user who is cleaning up the Inbox want to look at a folder next? Then, when you've switched back to the Inbox, you've lost your place in the message queue.

The checkboxes come and go, as OP observed here Wrong switching folders in messages


Also see 

Bulk move messages tofolders

It’s Impossible to live with this!

More about various ways the personal messaging system could be improved:

Fix the "go to unread replies" link in the InBox

Personalmessages - go to first unread post

Mass delete personalmessages

Make it easy to delete personalmessages

No way to remove multiplemessages at once

Reinstate download of personal message threads

Better pagination onmessages (conversations)




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