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Group Promotions for inactivity and validation restriction


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How would one set up promotions to move someone based on their inactivity to a new group that designates them as inactive, and then also a promotion rule that returns them to their regular group once they were active again? I tried figuring this out and ended up causing a bunch of errors so had to turn off promotions for the groups I created.

The goal is:
Person is in group 'regulars', hasn't posted for a month but still browses, so I want him to be automatically moved to a 'lurkers' group.
Then, if the 'lurker' hasn't posted or browsed for a month, move him to an 'inactive for a month' group, and then if the 'inactive for a month' hasn't posted or browsed for a year, to be moved to 'inactive for a year' group. And in reverse: once someone from either inactive group does browse again they are moved to the 'lurker' group again, and if they post go back to 'regulars'.

Like I said I tried figuring this out and it just caused the users to be constantly thrown back and forth between lurker and regular and some users got errors and error messages until I turned it all off.


I run validations through email confirmation and admin approval, used to be that a new user couldn't start posting until after both or at least the admin approval validation step was complete, unvalidated users could not post. After the upgrade I now see that users who were not validated by an admin can start posting regardless. How do I fix this?

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