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Slow page loading, debug mode?


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I have two IPB sites, one with several thousand users, the other newly started with just a couple hundred.

I disabled all applications and plugins on both websites, they are hosted on the same server, have same performance settings (MySQL caching, Redis caching, template file caching enabled, guest page caching set to 5m).

Anyway, the page with a lot of users has waiting time to first byte (execution time) around 500-800ms measured in Chrome debug tools (F12->Network), with spikes going up to 1,5s sometimes.

The website with little users and little content has same timings around 100-300ms and feels A LOT faster. A significant difference that I cannot explain by just having more users or threads on the forums. Do big websites just slow down more and more the more users and threads they have?

Is there a setting in IPS 4.1 I can enable that will show me execution time as well as queries made and time taken for those on each page? That would be useful for me to pinpoint the slow page generation on the larger website.

Thank you!

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