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Why I'll stop to use forum REST API

Alexis Compain

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On my main website I use the rest API for topics and posts feed... But i'll stop because :

  • We can't choose to use the permission restriction. It returns all topics if users have or don't have permission to see. It should be based on guest permissions
  • We can't choose HOW MANY topics we want to select (I have made a plugin for erase the amount of returns). Default is 25 per pages 
  • There is no method for select a specifiq topic based on his ID
  • We can't add more arguments like order by : last_post_id or something else... Why ?

I think the forum REST API is not enought complete. It's good to use for something like a back-office, but not for front office use.

I encourage people who need something like me to use init.php and use methods like \IPS\forums\Topic::getItemsWithPermission if you wana something better.

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