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Replace script for string in table ipb_forums_posts -> post


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I was moving to IPS in 2014. In the old forums software, there a few strings, that I have to delete.

table ipb_forums_posts -> post

One of these strings (with different characters in some positions) is:


In the above example 47985 and 925506 is variable.

In all posts the complete string with the different variables has to be replaces with nothing.

Directly in MySQL it is not possible, because REPLACE() does not have any support for wildcards, patterns, regular expressions.

The other string is:

<a href="http://www.polar-chat.de/topic.php?id=80490&amp;goto=1783330" rel="external">Originalbeitrag</a><p>

In this example 80490 and 1783330 is variable.

So there are 30.000 and more of these string, that should be replaces with nothing.

I mean the complete string no matter what different numbers appear in it. 

Of course I would pay for a quick and dirty script, that could do that.

I really need this ...

Thanks in advance.


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