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Downloads missing out alot?


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When i paid 75$ for the downloads i was really expecting "the faeces" after seeing what IPB has accomplished with the Forum.

But man was i wrong, i'm missing out a ton of stuff that i can't find elsewhere in the marketplace either. Ìt do seems like a good start for a file library, but did not have as much time put into it's development as for example the forum?

# Category handling
My first problem that i was able to solve was the category listing, i managed to install a plugin called "Files subcategories" so that i can use the "main category" as sort of a place holder kind of like the "Category" option for the forum works. I don't know why this isn't included by default?

# Administer your files
At no place have i been able to locate a page where all "My uploads" shows, for me and the respective authors easy to overview and manage. I think this option should be accessible at al times either from the expandable user menu or in the "Downloads" section/sub-menu itself.

# Approve files
First of, where can i actually find all files pending approval? If i go to the ModeratorCP > Files all i can see is 1 File is pending approval...
Then i need to manually locate it in the file library, because it doesn't show up anywhere in the admin/moderator area?

Second on this, i would really appreciate to notify my users if their files has been approved or not, and with a reason why if it didn't get approved.

Any suggestions? I need to solve these problems before i will be able to even launch my site.

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