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Settings Parsed in CSS files while IN_DEV


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All I Want for Xmas (late version)...

I will gladly take a button, stuck in the header of any tab in the developers center, that when clicked will parse the relevant in_dev css file/s for {{if settings.myplugin_setting_thing}}

As is, I might have reached my limit for working with this limitation and will, to maintain sanity, add in a ton of hooks that just paste in an accessory css class and then fill the css file with all the possible use-cases. (so the spammed css classes added in by hooks would be things like .myplugin_setting_thing1, .myplugin_setting_thing2, and so on). It's not quite double the work but it is a ton more hooks that wouldn't normally be needed. 

I'll also take a hint as to where I can look for a method to do this myself


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