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here is a little topic trick that i am working on

go to Advanced Configuration url

what you want to do is change the topic/{#id}-{?} witch would be http://url /topic/1-welcome so if you reverse it like this topic/{?}-{#id} the url would be like this http://url/topic/welcome-1 witch looks better? it would all so change the urls in side pages to automatic  now i dont know if it would cause issues but i have this on a test site witch looks good. but the comments would be like this witch im trying to find the comments url #comment-2 to try and take out the # and if you do the same for forums would become like this forum/announcements-2/


updated trick

if you want your forums taking out from the http://www..com/announcements-2/  instead of http://www..com/forums/announcements-2/

go to your Advanced Configuration

and see the second one what you are going to do is copy and past this {?} and watch a magic trick become?

what you want to do is copy everything in your .htaccess file and delete the one you are using and remake a new .htaccess and past it inside and than go to search engine opt and re do the processes and it will make it better

i fixed all redirects if any issues let me now and i will go back to the drawing board

copyrights sweethoney

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