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Bulk Mail advice please


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Hi, I tried the bulk mail feature for the first time over a week ago but not everyone received the email (didn't arrive in the junk folder either). I have several accounts of my own set up with valid email addresses and with the news and info emails option switched on but none of them received the email either, which was supposed to send to the entire membership.

There are no errors in the email logs, and the 'test email settings' feature sends test emails just fine (even tried one of the email addresses the bulk email failed to send to, and it worked in testing too).

The bulk emailing system said it sent to all 7,448 members in 12 minutes and 34 seconds. Is this too many too quickly? Could that be why only some of the emails arrived?

If not, any ideas how to increase the chance of emails arriving next time I use the bulk mail feature? I was hoping to send out a newsletter every couple of weeks...



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