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Menu manager is a great news, but need some optimization!


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Atm isn't possible to set title attribute;

Sometime, simply, not work as expected;

If we have more pages to insert in menu (necessary after restore), we do not have any way to know if this is already present in menu;

I've used a trick in my 3 menu container, and set this as drop down menu, and put all menu as child in this drop down (not inside drop down function, but directly as child in menu manager - is permitted by menu manager) - but after latest ips update all menu items has converted inside menu dropdown, and cause of this i've break my menu;

If an element is in dropdown menu i cannot "exit" from this list and go again in primary menu (then, i can only delete and make again this item);

If i make a primary container menu (like external page with #) i cannot remove from mobile responsive menu!


Yesterday night, i've lost about 3hrs to fix my menu because, every time, something is break, and restore is necessary ,and dropdown with submenu work only sometimes...

Also, a tool to export menu config can be a good way to prevent more problem (just like a backup)!


Now i've make 3 container (2 valid + one with # in link, just like submenu) and removed in mobile responsive menu via css:

/* fix menu */
.ipsDrawer_list.ipsDrawer_subMenu > li:nth-child(2) {
    display: none;

(and, finally, all seems to works as expected)...


but, really, we need some fix here ^_^



thanks in advance for time!




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