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Please show users reading content as being in that category


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This was marked "Future" then marked "Closed" but if a user is reading a topic they are not shown as being in that forum (or app category) in "Recently Browsing".

So go to a forum to see who is active there, and usually nobody is, making sites look dead, but they are reading content in that forum and did not leave it. In 3.4 this worked. If you are reading content in a category, you are still shown in that category. If you visit their page it will say they are reading a topic. But they are not removed form the actual location when viewing that online box, as, they are reading a topic in that category.

Affects all apps.

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Yeah, I mean they are still reading within that category. The difference is they are looking at a topic in that forum, but they should still be shown both places. 

Bascially I think it would make perfect sense they be shown as being in all areas that they currently have breadcrumbs for. 

So for example, the breadcrumb for this page is: Forums >  Sales, Feedback and Information >  Feedback and Ideas  > Product Feedback >  Please show users reading content as being in that category

Then I should be listed as being in the Forums-application (if a widget shows that), I should be listed as browsing "Sales Feedback and information" (if the widget is placed there), I should be listed in "Feedback and ideas", "Product feedback" and this topic. 

But at a minimum I think you should be shown as in the "last" container the current item belongs to.

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