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Show "New Topic" buttons to guests

Omri Amos

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IMO, one of the most important things in forums UX is let new visitors post their questions as fast and as easy as possible (while still forcing them to register, otherwise they will forever be guests).

Right now if guests visit a specific forum and wants to post their question - they simply can't do that. They have no button to start a new topic.
This is very confusing for people who are not used to internet forums, because they just have no "new topic" button - and it looks to them like a bug because there is nothing that tells them why it's missing and how they are suppose to post their question!
(I know I can add an announcement for guests and explain this, but still)

My suggestion, like seen on many other forum softwares, is to always have the "New Topic" button - but make it so that for guests it will actually open the login/signup page.

Can this be done?



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