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I'd like an addons where users get "points" by doing various things: Daily visit/login, reply to topic, create a topic, receive a "like" on a post, upload/download file, attend and event on calendar, (etc., etc.) - where each one of those events triggers a certain amount of points (determined by admin after install) to be added to the users Point total. On top of automatic triggers, I'd like to be able to hold "contests" or "events" in which points can be manually added. Also, I'd like to be able to have "achievements" (ie. login X days in a row, account X-years old, make X amount of posts, (etc., etc.) ) that add a larger amount of Points to the user automatically.

I'd like the amount of Points users have determine their rank, unlock plugins, open new forums, add a "color" to their posts, (etc., etc.).


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