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Some adding moderator suggestions...


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Forum category permissions are not inherited for flexibility, but you could add an option of a check box for sub-forums and future forums (when you add more) to inherit the upper level permissions. This would be better for those that want to click the top level and have all under it be inherited, even newly added forums, instead of having to add one by one.

I also see another issue. The "All" checkbox under the forum list. Unfortunately once all are all selected you can't deselect any, you have to uncheck the All box and they are all deselected, then you can select individually. It's all or nothing, and to select individually, you have to start from the empty list. So it would be a real chore to deselect a moderator from one forum. This looks like a simple fix though, when you select "All" instead of the list being frozen, allow us to deselect from the list and save. Or add a box to reverse the permissions to deny.

And please let us add Chat moderators by member name! ;)

From member concern here:

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On 2/7/2016 at 7:52 PM, chilihead said:

And please let us add Chat moderators by member name! ;)

Any hope on at least this one?

We should be able to simply add Chat moderators by name (or group here) so we don't have to create groups and add the mods in a different area. Right now it is not present in this area, you have to go to the Chat app and the only method is by group. 

Would be nice here in the Add Moderator section:



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