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A few small suggestions / bugs


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I have just finished my first IPS installation and I wanted to leave a few suggestions for things to improve in case somebody thinks they are of interest.

- When executing utf8.php converter (from cmd) as it says the installation process it does't work. I had to move the the folder where the php file is located and execute it from there.

- It would be nice to have breadcrumbs in the admin panel, many times when I have to go back and forth I can't do it and I have to start from the beginning all the time.

- When creating a menu with external link, it doesn't allow relative urls. Is there a reason for this limitation ? It seems awkward

- When I create a new announcement with a link, the link is not shown in the announcement. But then, if I click on the announcement to see the full announcement the link is shown correctly.

Hope you can fix/improve this things.


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