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Latest update not ready for Prime TIme?

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As I sit here rolling back to the last 4.0 version of the board, I wonder why there isn't a pinned post on update issues? Faster to reset than scroll through the endless issues with IPB and updates. In our case, the site updated per the process specified, was able to be accessed but showed defects in theme in certain browsers. Basically the header was obscured by the title/search bar in FIrefox ver 43.

I was able to post an announcement....
Went into Admin area to check the options on our header and enabling the advanced editing mode trashed the site out.

So now we load a morning backup and start over again.

Joke is on us.

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Half a day of support help from the good folks at IPB and the site was junked out. We rolled it back via the host and will sit on this until we see if others have the same issue that appears like the theme crashed. Site worked for about ten minutes, we were able to make an announcement the update was done and then in an attempt to access the theme/design area, the theme broke as mentioned in other threads.

We have been kindly told to "try it again".

Think we are going to think about that.

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