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SSO sometimes not working


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We have an issue with implementing SSO properly. We use SSO to verify if the user is logged in on other parts of our website, on the same subdomain, same protocol (https). It works fine but sometimes after inactivity on the forum, SSO doesnt recognize the session any more while if you browse to the forum - youre logged in. The cookies are still there.

We use this code (see bottom of post) to check if someone is logged in our forum on other parts of our website.

Could someone tell us whats causing this and if possible how to fix this.

We thank you dearly.

/* Require the init.php file from the Community Suite root directory */
require '/path/to/suite/init.php';

/* Initiate the session to verify who this user is */

/* Print the user's name */
print \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->name;
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