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F. John

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Please use this topic for support and recommendations for my IPS theme:


This is a simple and professional feeling theme for Invision Power Suite 4.1

PurpleComplex is the theme you have been waiting for to join the Dark Side of the Force. It is a simple and clean design using a darker palette that is easier on your eyes during a late night forum trolling--I mean moderating. This theme also includes some AdminCP theme changes for a more unified experience between the front- and back-end.

Installation Instructions:

1. Unzip the archive to a location on your computer
2. Login to your ACP
3. Go to Customization > Themes
4. Click the "Add Theme" button
5. Select the XML file from the unzipped archive and click "Install"

CKEditor Installation:

1. From the Themes page of ACP Click Edit (Pencil icon)
2. Go to Editor
3. Select: Upload a new skin
4. Choose the included archive: PurpleComplex-CKE_editor-skin.zip


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