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i am making a select box with ranks and each rank has a image i wanna display with option is it possible to do fillowing


Recruit as option but the image name is rec


if tried

{{if ($content=='Recruit')}}
<img src="siteurl/director/rec.png"><br/>Recruit
{{elseif (=='Private First Class')}}
<img src="siteurl/director/.png"><br/>Private First Class


that didnt work


any suggestions?

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You can do this in IPS 3.4, not in IPS4. I suggest you to rename your image with the same name of the rank and use the following syntax :

<img src="siteurl/director/{content}.png"><br/>{content}

But there is actually a bug in IPS4 because a space is added before {content} on display => so you will have :

<img src="siteurl/director/ Recruit.png"><br/> Recruit


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