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"Go to this post" button at the beginning of an email notification


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It's a very simple modification as described here: http://www.smartestcomputing.us.com/topic/81078-4x-how-to-display-go-to-this-post-button-at-the-beginning-of-an-email-notification/

It's really annoying when I have a long message in email notification and I have to scroll all the way down to find "Go to this post" button.

When you receive an email notification about PM, "Read full message" button is at the top AND at the bottom of email notification so I don't understand why we can't have it same way in case of new reply email notification.

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"...has posted a comment on a topic"

IPS, that should say "replied" since you don't use comments for topics. :D 

Broni how does this work in 4.1? I don't use email subscriptions here. The topic link at the top should take you to the post, since that is the action it is describing (same as the stream).

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