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I especially hope there WILL be a choice to use an editor similar to the old one, one that doesn't use JavaScript and that can be easily used with BBCode for non-WYSIWYG-Editing.

I'm running the official OpenPandora-Handheld boards, and since upgrading to v4, the boards have mostly become unusable with the Pandora, as the new editor makes it too slow to use.

Yes, there are still old devices and computers around, so an additional, simple, non-WYSIWYG-Editor will make the boards usable on these systems as well. Or at least get rid of Javascript, as the slows things down horribly.

It's really sad, the old IPB3 editor was working perfectly and fast on older devices as well.

Now I'm running the official boards of a device that can't be used anymore with these new boards update.

If nothing will happen here, I'm afraid I either have to switch to different boards or hire someone to code a new alternative editor :(

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