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Hi, I run several IPB installations (with more to come) and used to run vBulletin. IPB is superior in so many ways but one thing that is lacking and frustrates my userbase is the inability to promote content from IP.Blog to IP.Content. Bonus points if the blog comments could carry along with the IP.Blog promotion to IP.Content.

There is a synergy between IP.Content and IP.Board that is lacking in IP.Blog. If the blogs were brought more closely into the fold, it would create a dynamic flow between the three large sections of my site.

My users often create their (lengthy) content on IP.Blog while IP.Board is used for general conversation. IP.Blog is a "free for all" section of the site where users can talk about whatever subjects they please and it's used as a "test bed" for new and upcoming writers. The best IP.Blog content is promoted to the front page of IP.Content, which gets the vast majority of our traffic (we're using IP.Content as the front page of the site). There is a select portion of the userbase that curates IP.Content (and, by default, the front page) and they're lacking a way to easily promote the best content from the blogs to IP.Content.

I can't believe I'm a unique case in this regard.

IPB is *really* close to being a perfect triad of user-generated content (forums, articles, blogs) but we find ourselves often ignoring the blog section of the site because it's so unwieldy to manually promote content from IP.Blog to IP.Content. If that issue was shored up, the software would go from "very good" to "great" almost immediately. IPB seems to have a goal of tighter integration between the modules. This seems like a good way to vastly improve that integration for both site owners and their userbases.

I'd like to hear what others think or the possible technical hurdles of achieving such integration. Thank you.

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