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Pages: no sidebar in database articles (imported from 3.3.0), and no way to move element in menu.


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Hi at all (my third topic - last, i promise)....

Many element imported from 3.3.0 - i've removed many of it (block etc), and maintained only article in database.

But now i've article in entire page, without sidebar (no in pages, nor in forum).

Is there any way to setup a sidebar for both?


Also, how i can move element in menu? IPB is a great app... Isn't possible we are no way to make a valid menu (like wordpress) :/

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I've been dragging and dropping them from the front-end (not the ACP) "Mange Blocks" side-menu of the website.  It's the > halfway down the left hand side.  You can do this for various sections of your website (Forum, Pages, Blog, etc.) to have different sidebars for each which is great!  

I did have an issue where it seemed I dragged blocks onto the screen, couldn't see them on the screen and had to open a support ticket to find out they were in the template files (and I couldn't just drag them back off the screen).


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