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I have quite a few people telling we they are getting lag in the text editor.  This is the comment from one person

1. I was editing my post, which is long. And it seemed that the text editor sometimes forgot I was working in it, meaning my keystrokes applied to the site and not the editor. This is slightly annoying when you pres tab and it goes to the next link, but when you press backspace... you go back to the previous page, losing all you've done. This might have something to do with using the tools in top, since I was pressing "insert/remove bulleted list" a whole awful lot (to get rid of the text background issue) but even after I was done there, it seemed to sometimes forget I was in the editor, seemed less though.

2. Don't know if this is a feature or bug, but it wasn't helpful. when you press tab twice too fast, it indents the entire post by 1 instead of indenting the line by 2.

3. Sometimes a red line thing just appeared between 2 lines. It made it so there was always more space between the 2 lines than all the others and I couldn't get rid of it. If I used delete so the next sentence would merge with the current one it would just move to the next line and sit there.

Any helps good 

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