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IPS 4 and fixed headers


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Let me just start by saying hello again, it's been nearly 5 years since I last posted on here and since I last sat down and used IPB properly and I must say version 4 has come on leaps and bounds from v3, hats off to Matt and co!


Just a quick question for those who have been playing around with this longer than I have, whats the best way to go about having a template with a fixed position header, specifically with the drop down menus on the create button, etc. which are positioned absolutely in relation to the entire page rather than the parent container? The problem is that if you display the menu and then scroll, the menu scrolls up/down the page as well whilst the menu is fixed at the top of the page. I realise I can hack this with CSS (position fixed, placed exactly where I want it) but ideally I want to avoid using the dreaded important tag to do it

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