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Not sure if bug in ACP permissions + usability


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Fresh instal of beta3a

I noticed if I go to groups and click on members or administrators etc that ALL options to read, reply etc are all unchecked meaning that the default install nobody can do anything whatsoever and you have to manually turn options ON. I kind of like that but the current design for it is not working in a user friendly manner.

First you should be able to edit the Members or Administrators (on the left) by just clicking their name, instead you have to click the edit icon on the right

Second when you edit you have to go back and forth everytime you edit one section

So lets say you want to set permissions for members

You need to click the edit icon for members then enable permissions on the first tab, then save then click edit again then click on the calendar or blog tab then save then click the edit icon again to edit another tab

A much more user friendly way would be to get rid of the tabs and list all options: calendar, forums, blogs, pages etc in the same page and use a single save for the preferences of a whole group. As of now it is easy to miss certain permissions as they are all hidden individually behind tabs...not very user friendly. An@l and works but not user friendly

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