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Documentation - Changes?


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It has been stated from many IPS licence holders that the documentation for IPB 3.0 had problems explaining how to do and understand the functions of all IP.Nexus and IP.Content. Much feedback was given in topics by myself and many others. So with IPB 4.0 coming out will the help documentation be in place and ready for all functions and areas in IP.Nexus and IP.Content so that people don't have to wait for a release at a later date so Admin's can get it up and running when it goes live? Will the documentation be updated when new features are added or edited to be more up to date? These are some of major concerns I have had from the early days of IPB 3.0.0. I'm looking at conitueing my experiecnes with the IPS software but wanted to get a reply back to a big concen of mine.

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