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Enabling/Disabling BBCodes in apps


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Having finally figured out how to make the editor work and how to enable/disable BBCodes in my apps I have 3 items of feedback.

  1. I think it would be better in AdminCP where you can edit BBCodes to specify whether they are available or not in particular parts of the suite and 3rd party applications, if the default was ON and you clicked list items to switch the BBCode OFF. My use case is that in my app, I want to switch off URL linking and media tags. So I have to go through a pretty long list and click all of the ones that I want ON, leaving only my own app unclicked. So where it says Where can the BBCode be used? it would be better if it said Where should the BBCode be disabled?
  2. It would be nice if this interface could be 'turned sideways' and made editor section centric rather than BBCode centric. In other words you could select an editor section first, and then uncheck each BBCode that you did not want want in that section. (This may be unnecessary if the settings are imported when the app is installed. Are they?
  3. Having set up you app's editor section to say which BBCodes that you do not want, it would be great if they did not display in the editor, instead of displaying, responding to clicks and generating the BBCode, but then being ignored or removed when the text is parsed. It's confusing for users to see buttons on the toolbar, think that they work when they use them, but then lose the formatting when they submit the form.
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